February 20th, 2021

Business Lessons:

  • He told a lie about his resume.
  • He lied on his resume. However, they hired him anyway. He must be a smooth talker.

diversity: As your customer base is mostly international, I believe your store needs to be more diverse.

potential customer: Not a customer, however, may possible become one.

Wing it: to do something without preparation.

  • Too many people don’t prepare enough for their presentation. They prefer to wing it and hope for the best.

Conversation Lessons:

  • I want to speak English in the same way I would speak in Japanese.
  • He grew up surrounded by many different cultures.
  • I’m sorry I’m late. I made a wrong turn coming to PTC today.


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1. Daily Lessons


February 16, 17, 2021
1. Daily Lessons


February 21st, 2021