From Daily Lessons: January 26th, 2021

Business Lessons:

Training manual: book used to train staff:

Training VS Teaching:

Teaching: is a process of imparting knowledge and skills by a teacher to a learner, which involve activities like educating or instructing

Training: is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts and rules. Both teaching and training is related with building the competencies of an individual.

Mostly, teaching is practiced in schools while training is practiced in workplaces.

Back to back: One right after another. (no time between)

I am so busy tomorrow morning! I have 3 back to back meeting.

Conversation Lessons:

D always works from home on PTC days so, it is difficult to review my English notes on Tuesdays.

Fifty-fifty: (half and half): We bought a strawberry cake and split it fifty-fifty. We always share our sweets with each other.

no frame of reference = If someone has no frame of reference, this means that he is trying to do something without having experience.

**Because they are children, they have no criteria for behavior, no comparison, no frame of reference.

That is so icky! = offensive to the senses

The hiking trail was so icky with mud after the heavy rain.

Duplex: a 2-family house

Kids Lesson:

  • I am so sad. I lost all my Infinity game data.
  • OMG! I forgot my eye glasses!!

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  1. Albert より:

    I hope you all can benefit from this. Tell me your comments in your next lesson.


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