February 8th, 2021

Business Lessons:

i.e. VS e.g.:

I.e. is an abbreviation for the phrase id est, which means “that is.” I.e. is used to restate something said previously in order to clarify its meaning. 

E.g. is short for exempli gratia, which means “for example.” E.g. is used before an item or list of items that serve as examples for the previous statement.

to name a few: is used when there are lot of things to list. Because there are so many choices available.

We have made many changes to our lives over the past year, e.g. eating at home, avoiding crowded places, teleworking, just to name a few. Also, kids have been given tablets by the government so that they can continue their education during emergency situations, i.e. COVID lockdowns.


Noun: a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist:

  • Sponsorship is not a prerequisite for any of our courses.

Adjective: 1.required as a prior condition:

  • New staff must have the prerequisite skills.


Idioms: a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., rain cats and dogs, see the light).

col·lo·qui·al·ism: a word or phrase that is not formal or literary, typically one used in ordinary or familiar conversation

 colloquial expression e.g. “Chicken out” is a colloquialism for “to lose one’s nerve.”

Acronym: an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word

Expat: a person who lives outside their native country:

Conversation Lessons:

Memorable: worth remembering

  • I had a memorable vacation in Italy two years ago.

Trouble: We had many troubles. We had a lot of trouble ….

Pros and Cons: the favorable and the unfavorable factors or reasons; advantages and disadvantages.

  • What are the pros and cons of getting a vacation house along the coast?

Worrywart: One who worries excessively and needlessly

  • Don’t be a worrywart. Everything will be okay.

Due date:  the date on which something falls due, especially the payment of a bill or the expected birth of a baby

  • When is the due date of your grandson? ———- February 18th.


メールアドレスが公開されることはありません。 が付いている欄は必須項目です


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