February 6th, 2021

Business Lessons:

  • I am getting a lot of support from skilled trainers.
  • I have gotten a lot of support from skilled trainers.
  • She has spent most of her young adult life outside of Japan. Therefore, she needs Japanese business etiquette training.
  • She’s a fast learner.

Think outside the box: to think innovatively.

  • Sometimes we need to think outside the box.

(You think the person went to Chiba) You have been to Chiba, haven’t you?

(You have no idea) Have you been to Chiba?

Have you + haven’t you?

Extrovert vs Introvert

Extroverts: enjoy social events and group conversations with lots of different people. They become energized in social situations, often moving quickly from topic of conversation to another.

Introverts: prefer one-on-one conversations. They will often talk about fewer topics, but in more detail. They may be better at keeping in touch at a distance, via email for example. They aren’t necessarily bad at small talk, but they may find it harder and more tiring; they may be better listeners.

Conversation Lessons:

  • I have sympathy for her because ……
  • I sympathize with her because ….
  • I woke up at midnight and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Veterinarian (Vet): A doctor that cares for animals

  • I need to find a good veterinarian (Vet) when we move to Chiba.
  • I mustn’t stop studying English.  (uses neg.; says what I should NOT do)
  • I need to continue studying English. (uses pos. says what I SHOULD do) (I prefer this one)


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